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Win with Squisito®! Multiple Revenue Streams

Updated: May 27, 2022

As a business owner it’s incredibly important to not only understand the multiple ways your business can be financially lucrative, but also master the best ways to leverage them. At Squisito Pizza & Pasta and Squisito Too, we have worked diligently to create multiple revenue streams, so every restaurant is able to flourish. Each of our locations root themselves into the community and are poised for growth through a proven model. As a fast casual restaurant serving authentic and delicious Italian cuisine, we have built a model and system that is able to overcome the challenges of our current climate making it a win-win if you’re looking to start your own restaurant and enter the franchising industry.

Fast-Casual Dining Atmosphere with COVID-19 Safety Precautions

At the heart of the Squisito® culture is our fast casual dining atmosphere. This environment is perfect for bringing together families, businesses, teams, religious communities, schools, and more. By strictly following the COVID-19 safety precautions of local states and counties our restaurants have been able to safely and successfully navigate indoor and outdoor dining.

Carry Out & Curb-Side Pickup!

For those who are on-the-go or looking to take their meals home, our carry out method is both efficient and easy. Whether you’re running errands or looking for late night meals, the entire Squisito® menu is easy to prepare and package for take-out so your guests can enjoy Italian at home. Don't want to enter the restaurant or worry about your guests having to wait to pick up those meals, guests can call ahead when they arrive as we added curbside pick-up options to all locations.

Squisito Pizza and Pasta Online Ordering

Now more than ever it’s important to be competitive and have a user-friendly digital presence. Because of this, we make it easy to get orders placed online without tying up phone lines and staff. Our fast, convenient, and simple online order system makes ordering Squisito® a breeze.


Offering catering is an amazing way to boost your sales and feed large groups of people. We make it easy for every Squisito® to cater events with our simple menu that can accommodate groups of all sizes!


As a restaurant there are ways to generate revenue outside of just serving food. We have fully embraced the retail culture and sell gift cards online and in-store in addition to branded swag like hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, insulated cooler to go sacks, and even our delicious homemade sauces.


Being a strong presence in our communities is what makes Squisito® stand out. By hosting events in-house for your neighborhood and supporting your favorite local groups and teams, you gain amazing exposure to new guests every day.

Third-Party Delivery Partners

The Squisito® corporate team has worked tirelessly to find the best third-party delivery companies to partner with so you can stay on the cutting-edge and remain competitive but also feel confident while doing so. With our entire menu to go, our preferred partners DoorDash and GrubHub will help you get Squisito® delivered directly to your guest so all you have to do is make the food.

Over 30 Years of Excellence

With over 30 years of experience in successfully serving Italian classic dishes, we know what it takes to make you successful. We put an emphasis on the freshest, authentic ingredients and stand by our reputation of being an amazing presence in the community so you can stand out in the market.

Proven System for Success

With a proven system poised for growth and multiple revenue streams, we make it easy for you to reach outside your four walls and have a lucrative, successful business. If you’re ready to learn more about owning your own Squisito®, give us a call at 410-919-2072 x 150 or email

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