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How Momtraprenuer Michele DiMeo Built Her Successful Food Empire While Raising a Family

Balancing a career and motherhood is far from easy. 58% of Millennial moms say that being a working parent makes it harder for them to get ahead in the business world. The truth is that when women have children they have to work harder to succeed.

However, one woman proving that it is possible to have it all is restaurant diva Michele DiMeo.

Mother to three children and co-founder of the MONTE Restaurant Development Group and Squisito Franchise enterprises, Michele has enjoyed an illustrious career. But let’s go back to the beginning of this story. Raised by her mom, after her surgeon dad died of a brain aneurysm when she was just a child, she has always had a strong female influence in her life. Seeing her own mother hustle to make things work and always doing the best for her was fundamental.

This firm ethos is something that she has taken into her young adult life and beyond. Having originally graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in psychology, she quickly set her sights on a role in the legal sector. At the time, she was married to her first husband, a chiropractic doctor for the Ravens.

The couple were together for 12 years and had two children. Michele started a law degree in Maryland but decided to take a hiatus from the qualification so that she could be more present for her family. Never one to give up on her big life goals, she plans to return to the degree one day in the future.

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