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Why Italian Fast - Casual Works

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Monday, November 26, 2018

It’s 2018 and everyone wants their food to be healthy, delicious and convenient. Fast-Casual was born to meet this demand and has been thriving ever since. Mexican and American Fast-Casual chains are everywhere making it better than ever to stand out with Italian!

Italy Has the Best Fast Food in the World!

According to CNN, Italy has the best food in the world. Everyone loves Italian food making it the perfect cuisine to bring to the Fast-Casual arena. Burger and Mexican concepts have dominated the Fast-Casual scene for years. There extremely quick growth stunted their success in recent years leaving consumers wanting more variety when dining out. Concepts focused on healthy dining and chicken have become more trendy leaving burger concepts trailing behind in popularity.

Italian Fast-Casual Food

Italian Fast-Casual is a unique section of the restaurant industry. While pizza is always a go-to for families, restaurants that also offer other sections of their menus with pasta, subs and salads offer a unique selection that brings diners back no matter what they’re craving. Fast-Casual is all about customizable, delicious food, offered at an affordable price with quick service. Italian cuisine is perfect for this market in that the dishes are exciting and can be tailored to any appetite and are not extremely expensive giving restaurant owners the opportunity to keep price points down.

Squisito Perfected the NY Style Pizza

Squisito Pizza & Pasta has perfected the NY Style Pizza and authentic Italian pasta dishes. With their signature garlic knots and healthy salads, there is something for everyone. Each Squisito has an inviting atmosphere where guests can stay a while, or multiple options for quick food to go including online ordering, carry out and 3rdparty delivery through Door Dash. You can even wow your family and friends by catering your next party with Squisito and avoid paying high-end pricing for amazing food.

Squisito Offers Beer & Wine Selections

In addition to a delicious Italian menu, Squisito also offers beer and wine making it a great place to go out to dinner with family and pair your favorite glass of wine with a perfect bowl of pasta. In a fast-casual environment like Squisito, it’s easy to enjoy delicious Italian to go or take advantage of a neighborhood restaurant that offers kid friendly options with beer and wine for the parents. Local families can enjoy an affordable meal that satisfies every appetite and not break the bank with Squisito®.

Squisito Pizza & Pasta - Miles Apart From Competition

Italian Fast-Casual is a unique section of the restaurant industry. With little competition, an inviting atmosphere and house made, delicious, authentic recipes, Squisito stands apart from the rest. This billion-dollar industry is doing nothing but growing and coming in with a winning concept that stands apart from the thousands of burger and Mexican brands gives you the upper hand in the Fast-Casual world. Value is king in the arena of dining today and concepts that offer fresh, delicious, affordable food are dominating the market. Sources: Groupon QSR Magazine CNN

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