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The Outlook is Bright for Italian Food Franchises

Updated: May 27, 2022

Monday, July 03, 2017

From pizza and pasta, to meatballs and Italian sausage, American restaurant goers have a love affair with Italian cuisine! A recent National Restaurant Association poll reported that 61% of consumers choose Italian food at least once a month when dining out. From neighborhood pizzerias to fine dining establishments, everyone in America is seeking an authentic Italian meal at all price points.

Italian Fast-Casual Food Industry Thrives

The Italian fast-casual marketplace continues to grow, and new players are entering all of the time. As it evolves, there is room for new investors to take advantage of a market primed for growth. Restaurateurs who get into the game now with the right concept will have a better chance of maintaining stability for the future.

Squisito Pizza and Pasta Franchise Opportunities

Squisito Pizza and Pasta offers authentic Italian restaurant franchise opportunities to investors who are eager to enter this strong sector of the industry. Squisito is both an affordable family-friendly neighborhood restaurant and a traditional, delicious Italian option for dining out.

Squisito Franchise Blends Tradition with Fast-Casual Popularity

Originating in Annapolis, Maryland, Squisito Pizza & Pasta’s franchise gives investors the opportunity to combine the heart and soul of traditional Italian cooking with a full-service experience in a fast-casual restaurant setting. According to a report from research company Technavio, Italian food comprises the second-largest portion of the fast casual market, capturing nearly 16% of the total market share. Among fast-casual cuisine popularity, Italian food comes in second only to North American food such as hamburgers, sandwiches and chicken. Simply stated- Italian restaurant franchise opportunities are at their prime! From proprietary sauces and family recipes to fresh vegetables and hand-tossed, award-winning pizza, the quality of ingredients and dishes at Squisito Pizza & Pasta represent the highest level of quality. With a diverse menu featuring traditional and artisan pizzas, hot entrees, Italian sub sandwiches, pasta dishes, and calzones, Squisito Pizza & Pasta offers something for everyone.

Squisito Puts The Customer First!

An outstanding guest experience is paramount to the fast-casual restaurant model, and a Squisito Pizza & Pasta franchise stands out with a welcoming neighborhood atmosphere, warm colors and comfortable seating. Team members are friendly, knowledgeable, and focus on ensuring an experience that encourages guests to return. Squisito’s model appeals to guests who are looking for a quick, delicious bite to eat or those wanting to bring their families out for a nice meal. During a dine-in experience, guests place their order at our counter and a team member delivers the food fresh to their table. Carryout service offers convenience to those on the go and Squisito is happy to provide an online ordering option, which has become an expected convenience among fast-casual restaurants today.

Guests who dine at Squisito Pizza & Pasta restaurants have grown to expect delicious, traditional Italian food at affordable prices. The wide variety of menu items paired with the low cost makes it a win-win for everyone!

Learn More About Squisito Pizza and Pasta's Italian Restaurant Franchise Opportunities!

You can own and operate your own Italian food franchise with Squisito Pizza & Pasta and create a favorite dining destination in your area! Call us at (905) 594-1297 or send us a message to find out more.

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