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The Fast Casual Industry Came Into Its Own In 2017

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Fast Casual Restaurant Industry is the way of the future. 2017 was the year the industry really came into it's own. A decade ago very few had heard of fast casual. It was an idea some were implementing, but not everyone was talking about. Once the word got out, the fast casual industry exploded. "From 2011 to 2016, fast- casual restaurants saw their sales grow between 10 and 11 percent annually" (Washington Post) Restaurateurs have found an exciting niche where they can offer high quality, delicious food at affordable prices without having to worry about flipping tables, taking reservations and maintaining commercial sized kitchens. Squisito Pizza and Pasta marries over 30 years of restaurant experience with a strong franchise growth strategy. When the opportunity to turn the brand into a fast casual restaurant model presented itself, Squisito was prepped to take the market by storm. The brand is a winning fast casual model in a market that is lacking Italian pizzeria opportunities. With a winning concept and strong brand values, Squisito grew by 5 new locations and 3 new franchisees in 2017 and is poised to explode across the country in the years to come! Some key factors Squisito Pizza & Pasta have mastered are implementing fresh ingredients, going digital and getting involved in the local community. A proven business model and little competition in the Italian fast casual marketplace allows Squisito the opportunity to shine. Hard work, family values, fresh ingredients and a strong core team have made Squisito successful over the years. Squisito is a fresh Italian kitchen serving crisp, favorite Italian foods, and can adapt to almost any menu request. Not only do these fresh ingredients make way for colorful, Instagram-worthy photos, but they also drive new business. In 2017, "70% of adults said the availability of healthy menu options would make them choose one restaurant over another." (National Restaurant Association)

Fundraising and community support used to be reserved for full-service restaurants. Squisito Pizza & Pasta was born into an Italian family who believed in supporting their local community. This not only has allowed customers to be supported by the restaurant, but also creates an outlet for marketing within the community that is organic and successful every time. Every Squisito franchised location has the same core values and dedication to the community. What is so brilliant about the fast casual model is the overall appeal. Quicker service, consistent branding and lower prices than full-service competition are a win-win for customers. For owners, the win comes in the return. "Fast Food average check size: $5. Fast Casual average check size: $12" (Franchise Help) With the average fast casual check more than doubling its fast food competitor, fast casual brands are poised for financial success. When you combine that with delicious authentic food and a passion for giving back, the return is undeniable. Squisito Pizza & Pasta is a proven brand that is dedicated to expansion across America. 2017 brought new franchisees and expansion across both Maryland and Virginia for the brand. 2018, Squisito is prepped to expand across the Eastern seaboard and offer delicious, authentic Italian recipes to a neighborhood near you! Kick off the New Year with your very own Italian Fast Casual pizzeria! Join the winning family in 2018 and love what you do! SOURCES Washington Post Franchise Help

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