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The Benefits of Investing

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fast casual restaurants have solidified their place in the industry as destinations for guests seeking fresh, homemade food at a reasonable price that is served in a convenient, comfortable atmosphere. Fast casual restaurant revenue is expected to reach more than $66 billion by 2020.This popular sector continues to see growth, and now investors who want to join the fast casual arena can do so with a Squisito® Pizza & Pasta fast casual franchise. Among Italian restaurant franchise opportunities, Squisito® Pizza & Pasta presents an upscale option. Franchisees serve delicious, traditional Italian food with the backing of a team that has a combined 35 years of experience in the restaurant industry. The Squisito® Pizza & Pasta Italian food franchise perfectly combines the best parts of the fast casual restaurant concept with long-loved recipes and time-tested practices. A fast casual franchise with high levels of food quality At Squisito® Pizza & Pasta, our guests enjoy freshly prepared pastas, sauces and pizzas that are made-to-order to ensure the freshest quality for each guest. Topping the list is our award-winning New York-style pizza that is like none other. Rounding out our diverse menu are fresh salads, delicious subs and sandwiches, pasta dishes, and Italian seafood, chicken and veal entrees. To appeal to more nutrition-conscious guests, our menu offers Mangia Healthy selections, delicious entrees that are all 700 calories or less. Adding to our healthy offerings, we also provide guests the opportunity to choose low-carb, whole wheat or gluten-free pasta varieties! In addition, we offer a full listing of the nutritional information for each of our dishes online and in nutritional handbooks at every location, so guests can feel confident in knowing the nutritional value of their meal. Surveys show that fast casual franchise restaurant guests look for fresh food when they choose a dining destination. In a survey by VGS, Inc., restaurant guests between ages 18 to 35 rated food quality as being the most important aspect of a restaurant. This age group represents the wave of the fast casual future, with younger people dining at these establishments more often than older adults. They’re a group that values food quality and freshness above all else. Atmosphere and price drive guests to fast casual franchises As much as they want a high level of food quality, restaurant guests — especially younger ones — want an atmosphere of comfort. In the VGS survey, nearly 54% of respondents described their ideal restaurant environment as “casual.” They want a place where they can relax comfortably without feeling compelled to dress up or be in a formal setting, but feel comfortable relaxing for a while under softer lighting. This type of atmosphere stands in contrast to formal fine dining and get-in/get-out fast food environments. Guests also look for affordability when seeking a fast casual restaurant. With reasonable costs and generous portions, our menu at Squisito® Pizza & Pasta meets the fast-casual restaurant demands of affordability. Most importantly, we deliver the highest quality dishes with our friendly atmosphere. Squisito® Pizza & Pasta’s upscale casual environment perfectly suits the new generation of restaurant guests. Our Italian food franchise restaurants become community destinations where our guests can gather, share a great meal and spend quality time with their friends and family. With a spacious, tastefully decorated interior and our warm and welcoming staff, the Squisito® Pizza & Pasta fast casual franchise can be the option anxiously awaited by your community. An Italian restaurant franchise opportunity with huge potential With its combination of fresh food, a comfortable atmosphere, and an affordable menu, the Squisito® Pizza & Pasta Italian food franchise is the perfect opportunity for you to enter the fast casual franchise restaurant marketplace. Take advantage of the lucrative innovations presented by the fast casual trend while becoming part of a franchise system backed by experience and longevity. Call (905)-594-1297 for more information or contact us and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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