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SFE, Inc. Signs New Franchisee for Queen Anne’s County, Maryland

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Martin Hernandez has signed a franchise agreement with Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. to open a Squisito Pizza & Pasta in Queen Anne’s County, MD by 2018. Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. Signs New Franchisee for Queen Anne's County, Maryland( Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. has signed on a new franchisee in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, Martin Hernandez. Squisito Pizza & Pasta is a fast casual, authentic Italian restaurant originating in Annapolis, Maryland and expanding across the Eastern Seaboard. Hernandez is the 3rd Franchisee for the brand and his new location marks the 4th Squisito Pizza & Pasta franchised location. Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. offers a unique business venture with Squisito Pizza & Pasta. The brand marries a neighborhood feel and Italian authentic dishes with corporate training and support from day one to make for a successful restaurant opportunity. Hernandez has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. His passion for a fast paced environment, great customer service and exceptional food makes him a perfect candidate for a franchised location. Hernandez has worked for the Squisito family for almost two decades and the natural progression for him was to own his very own Squisito. Squisito Pizza & Pasta can’t wait to make it back to Kent Island. “I have been a part of the Squisito family for 17 years and I am very excited about a new opportunity in the near future” said Martin on his new venture with Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. “Martin has worked with us for almost 20 years. He started as a kitchen and pizza guy and has moved up to assistant manager and general manager throughout the years. Martin has been an asset to the family and we are looking forward to his new adventure with Squisito!” said Gennaro DiMeo, CEO of Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. has aggressive expansion goals throughout the Eastern Seaboard initially with future goals to expand nationally. The company is aiming to open 100 Squisito Pizza & Pasta’s by 2022. Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. is also the principle franchisor of sister concept Meatballs, Etc., a fast casual build-your-own Italian brand built around the famous Italian meatball. About Squisito® Franchise Enterprises, Inc. Squisito® Franchise Enterprises, Inc., based in Maryland, is the principle franchisor of the Squisito Pizza & Pasta and Meatballs, Etc. franchise opportunities. The Italian word “Squisito,” translated in English as “exquisite,” is a guiding principle applied to all facets of the Squisito franchise dining experience. Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc. combines delicious cuisine, fresh ingredients, fast casual ordering systems and an open-style kitchen in order to allow guests to experience the Italian traditions first hand. Their new franchise concept, Meatballs, Etc., is a fast casual restaurant utilizing a create-your-own entrée design where guests can be their own chefs. Diners customize their style of entrée starting with everyone’s favorite stable, the famous Italian meatball, and from there add fresh ingredients, sauces and toppings. Learn more about the fast casual Italian franchise opportunities with Squisito Pizza & Pasta and Meatballs, Etc. at or On Google News On Twitter On Facebook other distribution points Media Contact: Victoria McGrath 410-421-9555 ext. 100

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