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Pizza: Shopping the Competition - Bigger Bang for Your Buck

Let’s face it... pizza is one of the best foods in the world! Cheese, sauce and dough go together perfectly and the whole family loves the taste. Did you know pizza sizes (and standards) have begun shrinking over the years? In recent years, large chain pizzerias have changed their large pies to be 14” while those sticking to the real deal have kept their pies at 16”. Why settle for less? At Squisito, our large is truly a large and for $12.99, it’s an incredible value!

Everyone loves pizza because it’s affordable, shareable, customizable and delicious! When you get a true 16” large pizza you supersize your value with over 200 square inches of all the cheese and toppings your heart desires.

Back in the day whenever a family of four ordered a large pizza they were satisfied. Now when ordering from a chain, everyone has to order multiple pizzas for their meal. At Squisito our large pizzas are 16” and we top them with the freshest ingredients at the most affordable prices to make us the best deal in town!

What is a large?

Squisito- 16” or 201 square inches

Every major pizza chain- 14” or 154 square inches

What does a 16” pizza cost?

Squisito- $12.99- Even cheaper with our Monday Pizza nights at $7.99 (MD locations) or $8.99 (VA locations) for carry out!

Other major pizza chains- $15-18

Whether you want to feed your family or a large group, you get a better bang for your buck with a 16” pizza. When you have a lot of mouths to feed- it’s way more attractive to grab a bigger pie. Why settle for less? Grab a true 16” large pizza and finish it today or save the rest for tomorrows breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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