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Italian Foods That Shine During Summer

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The flavors of Italy thrive during the summer. The days are long, the weather is beautiful, the beaches are full, and the food is fresh and delicious. While there is something for every season in Italian cuisine, there are some dishes that are perfect to enjoy during the summer. Fresh produce, light pasta, small bites, refreshing rose wine, and creamy gelato all are staples for Italians during hot summer months. Let’s explore the Squisito menu and pick out our top dishes to enjoy during the summer. Caprese: Whether you lean towards a fresh caprese salad to start or our famous margherita pizza, the crisp tomatoes, fresh basil and delicious mozzarella make for the perfect combination. Found on almost every menu in Italy, caprese is a staple and with tomatoes thriving in summer months, the flavor is incredible. Bruschetta: Speaking of fresh, delicious tomatoes, have you tried our bruschetta? The perfect bite-sized appetizer, Italians love traditional bruschetta to start a summer meal. Topped with diced tomatoes, fresh basil, and melted provolone cheese it’s the ultimate way to begin your Italian summer feast! Garlic & Oil: The winter months are perfect for heartier Italian dishes like Bolognese, creamy vodka sauce and lasagna. But during the summer, Italians love opting for fresh pasta dishes with garlic and olive oil. Back in Italy they call it “aglio e olio” and these light pasta dishes offer the ultimate Italian flavor. Eggplant: Eggplants flourish during warm summer months; they are plump, juicy and delicious. At Squisito we feature eggplants in both pasta dishes and on subs. Whether it is fried eggplant with our signature tomato sauce on an Italian sub or served on a bed of capellini pasta, this savory vegetable makes for the perfect meal. Gelato: When thinking about warm summer months, you can’t forget gelato! Gelato is a staple in Italy and gelateria’s are on every street from the tiny villages of the Italian Alps to the crowded streets of Rome. Enjoy your favorite flavor for the perfect finish to any summer meal! Each Squisito features its own specialties when it comes to its full menu and the heart of Italy lives in each dish. All of our summer favorites listed above can be found at locations throughout Maryland and Virginia- with gelato being sold exclusively at Squisito Queenstown and Riva. Whether you always come back for your favorites or ambitiously try a new dish, make sure to taste the best of the Italian summer dishes next time you dine with us! To see what is being cooked up at your local Squisito, click here!

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