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How to Celebrate National Cheese Day with Squisito

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Friday, May 25, 2018

We at Squisito love celebrating “National” holidays in style. From fun food facts and social media posts to discounts and giveaways, we are always doing something fun to acknowledge delicious Italian food! June 4this National Cheese Day and we can’t wait to focus on one of the “gratest” foods ever invented. Check out some awesome ways you can celebrate with Squisito Pizza and Pasta! Appetizer Start your meal with a cheesy app. From our favorite mozzarella sticks to a fresh Caprese salad you can order the cheese you love and start your meal on a “gouda” note! Pizza Grab a slice of award winning NY-Style pizza! Enjoy a delicious blend of the best Italian cheeses paired with your favorite toppings. Buy by the slice or order a pie to share. Subs Switch it up with a cheesesteak or parmesan sub. There’s nothing better than melted cheese on a fresh sub roll. Choose from a classic take on a cheesesteak or a delicious parmesan sub for another awesome way to enjoy Squisito®! Spread The Cheese Love Eat like the Italians do and enjoy a delicious cheesy meal with friends and family! Share your cheesiest jokes over the food you love and enjoy the unofficial sixth food group in style! Head over to your nearest Squisito to take advantage of the best place to celebrate the cheese you love. Happy National Cheese Day from your friends at Squisito Pizza and Pasta!

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