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Digital Advertising for Restaurants

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Digital advertising is vital in 2018. The days of print are slowly coming to an end as the world of advertising shifts to the internet. Social media has proven to be an amazing asset for building brand awareness and interacting with customers, especially in the world of restaurant management! Organic and free posts are of course a great tool, but advertising through social platforms and online in general is powerful to taking business up a notch (or a few notches). It's key to build repeat, loyal customers and for a restaurant to do so through marketing each step has to be calculated and offer a ROI that makes the efforts worthwhile. Utilizing the platforms that see the most engagement and managing them properly is so important! Some of the top digital advertising outlets these days are through social platforms and the internets most visited websites. Squisito has done the research and pinpoints the best platforms for digital advertising success based on the key factors. Best Option for User Friendly Social Media Advertising With Facebook, the term user friendly rings true. Since the majority of Internet users have their own personal Facebook, this is an advantage for those wanting to bridge from personal to business on the platform. Facebook ads allow for a low budget and huge audience potential as there are more than 2 billion monthly active viewers, more than any other social media platform. It's also great that 49% of all users "like" a Facebook page just to support their favorite brands. The best tools from Facebook ads are: -Reporting. You can generate a report to see exactly who is visiting your Facebook and responding to your ads. Age, demographics, etc. are all visible to help target each ad to the ideal customer. -Targeting. Through demographics, behaviors and interests, Facebook allows you to target specific audiences. You can even exclude those you don't want to view your ad in order to pinpoint the precise audience you're aiming for! -Audiences. Facebook allows advertisers to create audiences through selecting those targeting options and naming it so you can return to this audience. There is even the option to create a "Lookalike audience" where you can mirror an audience and tell Facebook to find users who have similar qualities! Best Option for Analyzing ROI with Digital Advertising Google AdWords is taking over internet advertising. Google owns 71% of the search market share and the term "google/googling" has become a staple in language today for those looking to research something. While this platform is more intensive and takes a marketing/ advertising professional to manage, it can be incredible for return on investment. It also works hand in hand with Google Analytics giving the web development team crucial data when designing the best websites! The best tools from Google AdWords are: -Flexible budget. You can change your budget daily, change when exactly your ad shows based on what days are best for ROI and adjust almost anything on the back end. -The statistics of Google AdWords can link directly into Analytics giving the best overall insight to your website. -Get a prime spot on the search engine when someone is searching for your specific keywords in the areas you target, helping you pinpoint your ideal customer! Best Option for Restaurant Advertising Yelp is a powerful tool in the world of Restaurant advertising. Users visit Yelp 145 million times on average every month and when a new business is opened a Yelp page is made for consumers to visit. Some restaurants don't like yelp as it is based mostly on customer reviews and that can come off a bit unfair, but when you take the time to utilize advertising and take control of your business page it can be an asset. The best tools from Yelp Advertising are: -Multiple advertising options from being displayed on the search results, on mobile apps and even on your biggest competitor pages. -Being able to track the traffic that goes directly to your website, clicks for directions and even calls the restaurant directly. Restaurants are going digital all over America and one of the best ways is through advertising. When you have a special or a new restaurant or just want to build awareness, advertising online can be an effective, affordable and easy way to reach your target audience. Through Facebook, a platform that 94% of social marketers utilize, restaurants can take advantage of a plethora of helpful tools to reach their consumers; through Google AdWords, restaurants can take advantage of the display campaigns that reach 80% of global internet users and through Yelp, restaurants can take advantage of being the second most reviewed business by targeting their ideal audience and encouraging repeat customers. The age of digital is here and Squisito Pizza & Pasta is prepped to utilize the advantages of a strong digital marketing plan! Sources: 1. Sprout Social 2. Klient Boost 3. Main Street ROI 4. Yelp 5. Expanded Ramblings 6. Out Care Your Competition

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