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Authentic Italian always trumps the “next best thing”

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It seems everyone is constantly raving about the next best thing in food and dining whether it be acai bowls, celery juice, or even the comeback of brussels sprouts, but when it comes to Italian food, authentic recipes are always a “go to”. While it’s exciting to try new versions of dishes, a classic bowl of spaghetti with marinara, lasagna Bolognese or margherita pizza are consistently top sellers in Italian restaurants. So why is classic Italian cuisine always celebrated? First, the words tradition and authentic are used endlessly when describing the dishes of Italy. These are so important to the culture because- quite frankly- everything about Italy is rooted in tradition and authenticity. The coliseum is one of the most visited sights in the entire world and it is not new or modern, it is just perfect as is. Staying true to the Italian roots, we at Squisito use authentic recipes from our roots in Naples, Italy to bring traditional Italian cuisine to American neighborhoods! Italian food is also celebrated because the ingredients are so fresh and full of flavor. Most dishes are comprised of basic ingredients- garlic, tomatoes, dough and cheese. These ingredients are key to some of the most popular dishes and when they are sourced from the freshest locations are perfected in a way modern twists on food can’t measure up to. Restauranteurs in today’s world are trying to keep up with consumers by bringing something exciting to the menu… but Italian restauranteurs know that if they master the basic dishes, they’ll bring people back again and again. It is true that trying a traditional slice of cheese pizza is always the best way to really judge the authenticity and flavors of a pizzeria! Another reason why traditional Italian food is so popular is that it has an audience of all ages! Kids grow up loving spaghetti and pizza and chances are everyone can find something they love off an Italian menu. Great Italian chefs know that with a little love and their mom’s recipes, people will come back for years to come! The feeling you get when you walk into your local Squisito is one of comfort, family and great food. With a fun Italian soundtrack, an ambiance of red checkered tables and wine bottles and an incredible aroma of fresh pizza and garlic, the feeling you’ve come to the perfect place to eat is consistent throughout each location. Our founder, Gennaro, is from Naples, Italy and brings his family recipes to Squisito with every pizza and pasta dish on the menu. Guests can enjoy anything from fresh salads to a slice of pizza, or delicious bowls of pasta heaping with crab meat and tossed in a creamy rose sauce, but most opt for the traditional favorites- cheese pizza and spaghetti with meatballs. Stop by a Squisito today and see why traditional Italian can never be replaced by “the next best thing”! Sources: Walks of Italy Italy Magazine

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