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5 Reasons You Should Work in the Restaurant Industry

Updated: May 27, 2022

If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry you know how rewarding it can be. From preparing and serving delicious food to learning important life skills like customer service and hard work; there are tons of benefits to working in food service. While COVID-19 changed the world, the restaurant industry proved how resilient it is. If you’ve ever wondered why you should work in the industry, we’ve rounded up our top five below.

The fast-paced environment sets you up for success

There’s a reason the term “dinner rush” exists, and the hours between 5-8 tend to fly by. While many restaurants are open all day, the main lunch and dinner hours are where the rush comes in and it’s exhilarating. As a food service worker, you really learn how to multitask during these hours and gain important life skills in working under pressure which transfer over into so many other areas in life. Plus, it’s an amazing feeling after the shift ends to know that you just successfully served a restaurant full of hungry customers!

The restaurant industry provides valuable customer service experience

Almost every job in the world requires good customer service skills. Knowing how to work with people and serve customers teaches you a valuable lesson in providing excellent service. As a food service worker, you’ll learn valuable skills like patience, multitasking, tolerance, and more. These skills are incredibly valuable and will make your transition into management or a new job a breeze.

Co-workers can become amazing friends in the restaurant industry

If you’re working in the fast-paced food industry, you learn that teamwork is essential to running seamlessly. Everyone on the team has their own role and you quickly bond with your co-workers who are there to help. Most restaurants have a staff of 50 people or fewer, so you learn to depend on your co-workers quickly. As an added bonus, the professional skill of learning to ask for help and lending a hand when you’re free is an amazing asset to bring into other areas of your life.

Working in a restaurant opens you up to new food

When we shop at the grocery store, we typically gravitate to aisles and food brands we are familiar with. Being adventurous when it comes to meals can be a bit scary if you prepare it yourself, but a restaurant offers an awesome opportunity to try something new. While you’re learning the menu at the restaurant, you’ll likely stumble upon a new dish or ingredient you’ve never heard of before. If you go outside of your comfort zone and try a new meal, you might be surprised to discover something you love! Plus, the food discounts are a huge bonus.

There’s plenty of opportunities for growth in the restaurant industry

If moving up to management or even ownership is your goal, learning every role in a restaurant is crucial. According to the National Restaurant Association, 9 in 10 restaurant managers started in entry-level positions and 8 in 10 restaurant owners started their industry careers in entry-level positions. When you know how to clean tables and have experience serving customers, you are better prepared to be an amazing leader. Plus, new restaurants are opening all the time and many restaurant owners have multiple locations which means tons of opportunities. If you work hard and love what you do, the sky's the limit in the restaurant industry!

Join the Squisito Family!

At Squisito Pizza & Pasta we’re always looking for passionate, hard-working people to join our team. With new stores opening all the time and a family of restaurants, the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking to make the jump into food service or want to join the Squisito family, apply online today!

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