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3 Steps to Throwing an Epic Pizza Party with Squisito

3 Steps to Throwing an Epic Pizza Party with Squisito

It’s one of the best times of year with school back in session and football season starting! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just want an excuse to eat some delicious pizza, now is the time to throw an epic pizza party. The key ingredients to an amazing pizza party that will be a hit are variety, sides and dessert. Squisito’s amazing NY style pizza and flatbreads are perfect for a party everyone will love.

Step One: Have Variety

Specialty pies are all the rage. Switch up the pizzas you offer with different sauces, toppings and crusts, but don’t forget everyone’s favorite- classic cheese! Make sure to mix in meat and vegetarian options for everyone to enjoy.

Some awesome combos are:



Squisito (Supreme)

Chicken Pesto (throw in a bruschetta flatbread and voila!)



Chicken BBQ


Step Two: Don’t forget the sides

While we could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not all diners are full off just pizza. Some opt for healthy sides like a mixed salad or caprese while others crave mozzarella sticks and our famous garlic knots. Whatever you decide make sure to keep the variety going with the sides!

Step Three: Add something sweet

Italians are known for pizza, pasta, wine AND dessert! Gelato, cannoli and cheesecake are classics that make a good meal great! (We’ve heard a rumor that calories don’t count in Italy)

Whenever you have the soccer team over for a sleepover or your family game night, make sure to swing by Squisito so you can throw an epic pizza party! Make sure to check your local restaurant for our Monday night pizza specials, large cheese pizzas are only $8.99 for dine in or carry out at all locations!

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